first_imgThe legal vice president of the German Football Federation (DFB), Rainer Koch demanded state financial aid to support amateur football, in order to cope with the consequences of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.“We must ensure the existence of 25,000 clubs throughout the country”, he claimed Koch during the chain’s ‘Sportschau’ program ARD. Not surprisingly, he holds the vice presidency for legal and constitutional affairs alongside the vice presidency for amateur football.“So the demand is clear: politics, federal states and local authorities must also intervene here to provide support. Many nonprofit associations will not survive on their own. “Koch stressed. Furthermore, he emphasized that the DFB cannot provide that help. “If our treasurer gave each of these 25,000 clubs just 2,000 euros, it would be 50 million. The DFB cannot cope with this amount “insisted Koch.The president of the Parliament’s Sports Committee, Dagmar Freitag, expressed its reservations before such request. “When the German sports umbrella organization asks for help, I don’t know if it should always be the taxpayer to the first to go to cover those expenses, “he told the station Dlf.“I would like to think about the possibility of more self-help, especially within the big family of sport,” he added. Freitag in allusion to other sports institutions.“One could think of the highest international body, the International Olympic Committee, in whose account, as is well known, large sums of money are usually deposited”, added the president of the Sports Committee.last_img read more