first_imgDoug Gottlieb in for Colin:It’s too late for Magic to limit expectationsWith one of the most anticipated free agency periods in NBA history less than a week away, the Lakers have more riding on this offseason than any other franchise. Laker fans expect a franchise changing star haul, but in a press conference, yesterday, team president Magic Johnson tried to make the case that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if L.A. can’t land any stars this offseason. He added that he would resign his position if he couldn’t recruit any superstars by the end of next offseason.Doug thinks the lack of confidence in the usually confident Magic’s voice should give Laker nation some pause for concern, and agrees that he should step down if he can’t land  franchise changing players. Magic has been talking up this summer since he took over in L.A., it’s too late now to try to limit them. If he can’t recruit stars, he’s useless to the Lakers. Also:– The LeBron and the Cavs’ need a divorce– Big Ben isn’t a Top 10 NFL QB Guests:Sam Amick – USA Today NBA Writer joins the show on the latest NBA free agency buzz and if LeBron could make his decision before the 4th of July.George Karl – Longtime NBA Head Coach joins the show to discuss LeBron’s decision; why he thinks Klay Thompson would be deadly if he joined LeBron with the Lakers; and his take on Melo at this stage in his career.Bill Plaschke – L.A. Times Senior Writer joins the show to discuss Magic’s press conference and the Lakers pursuit of LeBron.last_img read more